You may or may not be aware, but there are changes in the qualification of teachers/trainers. The 7302 and the good old faithful 7407 are no longer available to study. Instead City and Guilds have bought in 3 new qualifications.

These are known as PTTLS, CTTLS and DTTLS. (Apparently pronounced PEETLES, CEETLES and DEETLES!) However they are already being called PETALS, well you get the idea.

I have been approached to possibly deliver PTTLS, and I realised that actually I didn’t know very much about these qualifications and how they fit together and their comparison to the 7302 and 7407.

I have spent the best part of 2 days trying suss it all out – and I think I’m there now. Having said that, it’s going to take a while to put things together!

In a nutshell, the 7303 (PTTLS), is available to study at either a level 3 or 4. This is now the introduction to teaching/training. You can commence the level 3 with no teaching experience, however you do need a level 3 qualification in the subject you are teaching. If you want to do the level 4, SOME teaching experience is required. (Define some! ;-) )

You then progress to the CTTLS, the 7304, also available at level 3 and 4. Your 7303 if you have done that, will give you credits for the 7304.

When you have completed these two, that is comparable completing the 7407 part 1 and 2. You will no be able to apply for Associate QTLS status.

You can then go on and complete the 7305 (level5) which is on par with the Cert Ed/PGCE. Again the 7304 will give you credits for this qualification. There are no details of this qualification available yet.

This will give you Full QTLS membership, providing you have experience in teaching too.

You have to dig around, but there is a lot of information available. I have linked as much as I can here – and I will add them to the downloads and links pages over the next few days.

I hope this is helpful, I daresay the subject will have to be re-visted!


44 Responses to “What’s Up Petals? err PTTLS”
  1. Gary Mc Nally says:

    I am looking into training to teach after I have finnished my degree, apparrently this is all going to replace the old fasioned PGCE and will take two years instead of 1.

    I dont know how this will effect the funding that is available, but its clear that the £9000 grant that I would normally get would not cover two years of study!

    Thank you for the information.


  2. Gideon says:

    Hi Gary

    There are a number of different funding options, but it depends on your local education authority. I suggest that’s where you start.


  3. dom says:

    judging by your spelling – don’t even bother mate

  4. Gideon says:

    Hi Dom, thanks for your comment. Spelling isn’t an indication of ability, although I accept that it is best to try and achieve purfect, (or is that perfect), spelling.

    I work with lots of different people with a wide range of abilities although literacy may be a problem for some of them – they are fantastic at what they do.

    There is plenty of help out there – I will add some links later.

    Once again thank you both of commenting.


  5. Ian Hirst says:

    National Training Resources offers these qualifications and costs for small groups can start from as low as about £600 per person

  6. Rana Shah! says:

    Thankyou so much for the info Gideon!

    I have really been confused about ‘Petals’ even though my supervise told me a little about it! You have given sight to the sightless ie ME!

    Not sure if im going to go on to actually do any of the courses its still sounds awfully confusing a ‘pgce’ might just be easiar! lol

    Ok take care

  7. Gideon says:

    Glad to have helped. Remember there is a big jump between the PTTLS and the PGCE though. ;-)

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi Gideon..
    Been reading all the comments about PETALS, and have be recommended taking a course but my new boss, as i started teaching in september and
    its likely only to be of benefit to me…please tell me where to go and whom to see…
    many thanks Sarah.

  9. TEFLER says:


    Have done and passed the 60 academic credits towards a PGCE in FE but have not passed the required modules for the teaching practice although i have plenty of experience in teaching. What i want to know is how much i can transfer across to PETALS? The credits were part of a PGCE so count as high for PETALS. Could i skip the pttls and move on to cttls for instance? Any information welcome.

  10. Gideon says:

    Hi Sarah and Tefler.

    I am assuming you are both teaching. If you are, hopefully you should be given advice from your employer which should be the best option for you.

    The PTTLS is a preparing to teach qualification, in the vein of “Train the Trainer.” I would suggest you look to do either the CTTLS or DTTLS – especially you Tefler, you have clearly a lot of experience and credits.

    The problem with transferring credits, is it is up to the discretion of the college/university. You would need to talk to where you are considering studying.

    Please come back and tell me what you have both decided to do – I’d love to hear from you.


  11. Tefler says:

    Thanks Gideon will give the pttls a miss and go into the cttls at least having talked it over first with the college. But as i am overseas now i must wait until i return to the uk. Have seen all kinds of courses some that include salaries but these are usually abroad. They tend to fall outside the scope of this forum

  12. Gideon says:

    That seems the best option to me.

    I hope it works out for you.


  13. tatyana says:

    I’m not sure that I am even in the right place. I am looking for some advice please.
    I am interested in teaching either Basic Skills (Literacy) or ESOL / EFL. I have a degree in Russian, experience of teaching English as an Additional Language in Primary School (1.5 years), and a few months helping out as a volunteer at a local ESOL adult class.
    Do I need to start with PTLLS then work my way up to Cert Ed. or can I go straight onto the Cert. Ed.
    Also, is there any funding available? I seem to do voluntary work with the promise of training,but then nothing comes of it.


  14. tatyana says:

    Forgot to say that I also have a EFL / TESOL Certificate (online course) and I was EMAS trained before starting work in Primary school.

  15. Darren says:

    I have just completed a 5 day PTTLS course which was funded by St.Johns Ambulance as I am out of work and looking at teaching so the course was paid for.

    I have now been told that I have to do the Cert Ed course, which is 3hrs a week over two years !!!!, why so long and silly short lesson?

    I also found out that the Cert Ed course starts with PTTLS, so do i have to do it all over again.

  16. Sean Doherty says:

    There is a lot of funding around from Train to Gain and Learniong Skills Council. I have staff doing PTLLS at a local college and it is heavily subsidised and also have an offer from another college to do CTLLS and DTLLS for no cost as it is fully subsidised.
    So worth looking around

  17. Charles says:

    Dear Gideon
    You certainly seem to have your finger on the pulse! Norfolk has just informed all its AE tutors that they can no longer teach after August without a PTTLS qualification which seems a little abrupt – only last year they made made membership of, and recognition by, IfL compulsory. I know an AE tutor with more than 30 years experience (and a raft of OFSTED inspections under her belt) who now believes she will have to retire as a result of this sudden change – do you have any knowledge of the legality of imposing such a requirement with virtually zero notice? There must be a period of grace allowed if this level of qualification is to be expected surely? I would appreciate your thoughts, Best, Charles

  18. Gideon says:

    The thing is in my understanding, the changes have been known for several years. When I did my 7407 7 years or so ago, I knew it was going and a Cert. Ed. would be a minimum requirement for FE teachers / tutors.

    The problem was that no one really knew HOW it would work out (and what silly names they would choose!).


  19. Charles says:

    Thanks for your advice – certainly some FE service providers were ill-prepared! Most impressed with this site and your amiable approach to helping some of us more confused teachers! Happy Easter and thanks again, Charles

  20. Line says:

    Hi Gideon,

    I wondered if you had any insight or advise to help me through my situation. I have a degree in Education (music) from Australia. It was a 4 year degree with major and minor components and 24 weeks of teaching prac in the final 2 years. Last year I became the head of a department at a music college that provides BTEC, CertHE and Degree courses in music/performance/technology and business. I was told by HR that I would, along with all the tutors need to attain the PTTLS, CTTLS and DTTLS qualifications in order to remain teaching at the college. Both HR and myself have tried to find out definitively if I need to do these qualifications considering i already have an Ed degree but we never got a committed answer and were often pass on from sector to sector.

    As a result we decided i should start the process and recently completed the PTTLS course which quite frankly I felt was an insult to my intelligence (and I am not implying I am super intelligent!). The content was very superficial and was poorly delivered and organised with very little guidance or reference for the homework. We also had to submit two extra essays a couple of months down the track as they hadn’t assessed us adequately, something that was picked by and external examiner. This we had to do without our notes as they had already been handed in.

    A work colleague has just completed the next part (CTTLS) and said it isn’t much of an improvement. The content of these courses cover (very superficially) topics I spent whole semesters on for the degree so i can’t believe that these courses could supersede my current qualification.

    Do you think I just have to grin and bear it or is there an organisation/body who can assess my current qualifications and see if I can be exempt from this farce.

    I appreciate your time and attendance to my dilemma.


  21. Ursula says:

    Why don’t you contact the IFL? Presumably if you are teaching in a college you will either be a member of the Institute for Learning or the General Teaching Council.

    Get these guys to work for you. They should be able to give up to date advice. Also consider NARIC and get your overseas qualifications ratified. There should be no problem as Australian teaching qualifications are very well regarded.


  22. Line says:

    Thanks re suggestion on contacting IFL, I am a member. I have confirmation that my qualifications a UK equivalent but somehow not in the HE arena, NARIC haven’t been very helpful, but I may try again.



  23. Gemma says:

    Dear Gideon,
    Ive been a Beauty Therapist for 10 years and was looking at transfering into the teaching side of it. I have been given so many different options im a little confused ;-) I have no previous teaching experiance and would love to know the best route to take. I have heard of the PETALS before but also other courses. Please help and also an idea of how long it should take. Thankyou for your time.
    Regards Gemma

  24. hanna says:

    anybody can help me telling abt pttls.i want to know when i will enroll myself then where they can come and assess me,while teaching college students or teaching to adults?

  25. hanna says:

    nobody here to reply me

  26. Gideon says:

    Hi Hanna. Sorry – I have had problems with a number of sites I look after.

    Ok – You will probably have to sign up with a local provider. If you click on the following link and put your postcode in the box on the left hand side – it will tell you your nearest provider for PTTLS.

    You will have to negotiate with them when and where they do observations.

    I hope this helps.


  27. Lucinda Jane Griffith says:


    I’ve just heard about the PTTLS, CTTLS and DTTLS qualifications and would like some advice with my situation. I got an HND 14 years ago and have been an IT and soft skills trainer for 12 years, the past 8 years I’ve been self employed. I am also a certified life coach and have been a voluntary classroom assistant in a primary school for 9 years. As you can see I have a real variety of teaching and personal development experience but no formal teaching qualifications. I think this is important for me to have especially as a freelance worker and for my own continual development as a trainer.

    What level would I start at? Are they formally recognised qualifications? Would I need a degree to start doing this as you would for a GTP or PGCE? Is it a full time course as i need to run my business?

    I’d really appreciate some advice on this. Thanks.

    Lucinda Griffith

  28. Jim says:

    Excellent links – your original post (2 years ago) had some excellent info
    Found the Petal & Detal roadmap on C&G website very useful

    Purely for brevity I found, from your posting, the most usefull websites (for me) jump-off for PTTLS,CTTLS

    thanks again

  29. Gideon says:

    Firstly, I appreciate your kind comments Jim. I would really like to do more with the blog but at the moment I have many other things that keep taking priority. Hopefully I will be able to more time in.

    Lucinda, it sounds like you are on a similar path that I followed. If you are self employed, you actually, (at the moment), don’t need any formal qualifications. However if you try to get work through an education centre be it private or public – you will need something.

    Investigate the PTTLS first. It is roughly the same as the old 7407 part 1 which can be achieved within 6 months typically day release. That would give you the minimum, but nonetheless a recognised qualification.

    It is up to you then, but I would probably go straight for a DTTLS with your background. The DTTLS is the same level as the Cert Ed/PGCE (Level 4/5).

    Normally you will be expected to do the CTTLS first, however from experience, colleges will take previous education level into consideration.

    Where are you based? Maybe I can give some further advice related to education centres / colleges local to yourself.


  30. Lucinda Jane Griffith says:

    Hi Gideon,

    Many thanks for your informative reply. I really appreciate it. It looks like the PTTLS will be a good place to start to get a recognised qualification and then I’ll think about the DTTLS. I am based in Micheldever in Hampshire, very near Winchester.


  31. Susie says:

    Hello there, I have a C&G 9295 and I wanted to do a PTLLS course are there any credits or not? I am a volunteer for Adult Literacy and may wish to deliver courses on other material in the future (privately).

  32. Debbie says:

    Hi there. I have a C&G 9281 and would like to know if this would entitle me to any credits towards the PTTLS course?

  33. Gideon says:

    Hi Susie and Debbie

    Firstly, REALLY sorry about the delay I have been focusing on another project, I really need to get working on this one again.

    The best bet for both of you would be to phone up C&G and ask them. They will know if there is any APL you can apply.

    Hope it works out.


  34. Meg Mosley says:

    Dear Gideon,

    I am a freelance artist and education publishing manager. I have a first class BA hons in fine art and an MA. I would love to know my best route into being qualified as a post compulsory teacher of 16yrs +. I would love to get into teaching on art foundation and hopefully one day BA students and other adult learners.

    I have tried to seek out the right advice from many sources and have got into a muddle. Here in Wiltshire seems only PGCE post compulsory options are all 2 year part time at Bath Spa, or Wiltshire College. But they expect you to be a teaching position before you apply for the PGCE. So that when they come and mento and asses you it is at your already established classes? And that you need have 75 hours a year teaching experience.

    I was hoping the PGCE was going to be my training for becoming a teacher. I was told my other sources i could not teach without a PGCE regardless of my BA and MA and also regardless of it i did a PhD. Then i was told i could teach post 16′s already as i have a BA/MA. Really confused!

    Then i was advised that if i want to do the PGCE in Wiltshire i should prepare myself by doing a 15 week PTTLS course and then set up my own teaching for 75 hours a year and then do the PGCE. Is there a more direct route in? For example a way of training and your course provider providing teaching placements for me rather than me independently setting up my teaching first?

    Im Lost!

    Very Best Wishes, Meg

  35. lorraine says:


    in 1981 i did a diploma for teaching mentally handicaped adults. i have just gained a diploma in flower arranging. and have 2 years in ncon in art and craft, my course tutor says they are looking for people to teach or tutor in the community. do you know at what level i need to start out on petals. is my old qualification worth any thing . i looked on the 1981 census and it is 289 code 4 level c what does it mean. thank you

  36. Bethany says:

    Hi Gideon,

    A little like Lucinda I have had 10years of experience working within education, I have worked as a TA in secondary, I have also worked in special education, I am a qualified special educational needs life coach and work as a behaviour coach with schools and families. I am thinking of setting up my own alternate provision for excluded children and presume I would have to have a PTLLS qualification would I also need to get a CTLLS and DTLLS qualification ?

    A great resource many thanks

  37. simon c says:

    Hi – I am in exactly the same situation as Meg – I hold a BA(hons), Masters and Doctorate degree all in Fine Art, have no teaching experience and every PGCE course I look at demands teaching experience as a requirement of acceptance. I also want to teach Foundation/BA level and am now looking at the PTTLS, DTTLS and CTTLS courses. I have just been accepted on one of these courses that will leave me with a QTLS status, but am still unsure if this is the right route for me to go down. Any information and advice would be greatfully received.

  38. Margaret says:

    I am a manager of a community centre and would like to revamp our IT services to the community, I have a 7407 for IT from about 7 years ago, do i need to do the PTTLS

  39. Amanda says:


    I assume the DTTLS qualification is the equivalent of a PGCE/Cert Ed would I be able to use credits from the DTTLS to qulaify for the PGCE/Cert Ed

  40. Chase says:


    As i want to teach in a college as a career, do i need to do work experience in a college/post 16 education, before i complete my CTTLS/DTTLS, or could i complete these courses whist having experience at only a primary school?

    Many thanks, Chase.

  41. Sammy Nzenwa says:

    Could you advise me colleges or other course providers for PTLLS in London especially central or south London

  42. George McNeillie says:

    Hi Gideon, have you any infornation on these qualifications with regard to Scotland ?
    Thanks, George.

  43. mandy bennett says:

    Hi I have been listening to friends who are all qualified teachers with many years experience, I would like to become a teacher working with 16+ EBSD. I am currently a DIPSW qualified Social Worker who manages a residential unit attached to the special school. What would I need to do in order for me to achieve becoming a associate teacher? Also, how much would it cost me.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

  44. Glen says:

    Hi Gideon

    I have just been researching the PTTLS CTTLS and DTTLS, my reason for researching is, I am now working for a care company who provide live in care (saving a person from moving out of their home and into a care facility) in my new role I will be delving refresher training and assessing for QCF II and III and ensuring employees are up to date with company policies and procedures along with government legislation

    Historically I was in the Armed forces and for my last 15 years of service I was an instructor in First Aid, Map Reading, Foot and Arms Drill, Skill at Arms (all weapon systems) Feld Craft, and Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare. I also instructed Adventure training activities; Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing, and Ice Climbing

    As you can see I have a diverse set of skills dealing both in the classroom and in the field, both theory and practical. I have all of my Military certification as evidence of qualifications held; I also have several city and Guilds qualification from Literacy and numeracy level III to a licentiateship (LCGI)

    My question is; before I embark on a PTTLS leading to the CTTLS and DTTLS am I already over qualified, if so, are my previous qualifications transferable?

    Any guidance would be warmly welcomed

    Kind regards


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